Hi everyone! Thank you so much for at least visiting this page. That already means a lot! All of you are a bunch of awesome people!

We would already like to thank you for the support you have given us the past year. You made it all worthwhile for us. Also, a special shout-out to all our DJs and crew who give it their best every week and some daily to bring us fresh new content. You truly are a dedicated bunch. Thank you so much to all our live listeners (yes, the 1250 unique ones per month, which for an online radio station in its first year is actually quite a lot) as well as our podcast listeners. You all give us the strength to paddle true and spike our creativity. 

That’s why we have big plans. We would love to take things to the next stage. We always had the ambition to slowly grow as a dance music network, connecting dance music lovers across the globe. Furthermore, we also wish to become more professional and bring you high-quality, yet a bit rebellious radio. In short, we want to be a dance music network for the people, by the people. Putting you at the center of all things. Let’s be real: just sitting there listening to the the radio is a bit dull right? 

How would we want to do that?

  1. From September on, we’re going for a total re-brand . Dance Vibez will be going under it’s new flag Vibez Radio.
  2. An extra station: Yes you read it right! The current format will stay with some minor modifications, concentrating only on house and club music. Our second station will take on a more wider spectrum of dance music, with a big (75%) focus on trance and Techno. The reason for this is that the trance community is a huge one and trance is vastly becoming quite integrated in other styles of dance music, with a huge adaption in techno. With techno becoming well received lately, we want to bring you some of that pounding and uplifting goodness. 
  3. Better social integration and interaction. We want to expand our app in such a way that it will be easier for you our listeners to interact with us and have a say in our playlist. Yes, we want you to help us control the sound.
  4. STAY ADVERT FREE. Dance Vibez up until now has been advert free and it came to our attention that a lot of people like that approach. Let’s keep it that way then. 

This is why we are kindly asking for your help. As some of you know, we are very self-sustained when it comes to our station in terms of technology. We run our own streaming servers, we host our playout system on a remote dedicated machine, we have an official PPL license that covers a wide variety of countries across the globe, … but most importantly, we pay this huge bill out of our own pockets with just two people being Lee Romang and me (Andy). The costs for this station at the moment are:
– €900 yearly cost for our PPL music license
– €230 yearly for our app
– €260 Monthly for our playout system, servers and website/email hosting platform. 

Roughly, we have a €350 monthy bill. 

That’s why we are kindly asking for your help and support to help us float our bill and help us keep us on the air…. well on the stream. It would mean the world to us if we could be unburdened some of the monthly cost. 

All donators will get an honorable mention on both the app and website homepage. More perks will yet to be announced. Both single and recurring donations are more then welcome and highly appreciated. Every single bit helps us to expand and keeping us going. 

Thank you all in advance
Lee, Andy and the Dance Vibez Crew.