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“You have one life, so live it!”


Neil Willis (from Telford, West Midlands UK) is a DJ playing disco/ house/soulful house and radio show host.

Hi to all your disco heads it’s me Neil willis. A little bit of info about myself, when I’m not djing I’m a graffiti artist and tattooist I love my jobs being creative and stepping behind the decks let’s me be creative again in front of crowds of people. Music wise my passion is disco/ house/soulful house recently I’ve started to explore the jazzy swing break beat sound and starting to try and make my sets different to everyone else. Highs of my DJing so far was playing Creamfields north and south in the artist village, playing back2back with the amazing Emma M at Devafest and becoming a regular playing at pulp disco .

We also put our events on under the name of Live Life and have just broken into the world of live streaming.

I’ve recently started to produce my own music and setting up my own record label which will be called made records , this is all new and really exciting for me, trying to create the sound I’ve been looking for.

Hopefully will have my 1st tunes out before the 2024 summer .

Thank you all for your support and listening to me , big love and respect


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